Hello! We are so happy that you have discovered our brand new website! We knew that for 2020 and our 8th birthday coming up... we wanted to make some changes! We decided to redo our online store and make it more shopper friendly. We also hope that our customers will begin to learn more about who is actually behind The Muddy Pearl. 

The Muddy Pearl is a family owned business located in Grove, Oklahoma. Carol, and two of her daughters, were given the opportunity to open The Muddy Pearl in 2012. Carol, Terra, and Abby loved the challenge of bringing their own unique styles to their small hometown. Their hope was to provide affordable and stylish clothing for every woman.

Now with three generations working together, we bring curated collections that any woman can shop despite her age, budget, etc. The Muddy Pearl's mission is to provide for all types of customer. We want every woman who shops, either in store or online, to find clothes that they will feel beautiful and comfortable in. 

This is Terra and her daughter Hannah. Terra manages the brick and mortar store. If you have visited our store, you most likely recognize her! Hannah is currently in college and the social media director for The Muddy Pearl. They love to inspire each other with fashion and bond through their creative ideas. 

Meet Abby and her daughter Lexy! Abby and Lexy are always staying up-to-date with the latest trends. Abby just recently built this brand new website! You may recognize Lexy if you follow us on Instagram @shopmuddypearl. She models many of our clothes! This mother-daughter duo works great together and they come up with the best ideas! 

As a family, we all work together to provide you with the best shopping experience. We hope that each person who comes as a customer, leaves feeling like family. Each person in this team plays a significant role for The Muddy Pearl. We are blessed to be able to meet so many of you! If you did not know us before, we hope you know us better now. For more insight follow us on Instagram! If you have any questions about who we are, feel free to email or dm us. Also, read the "About Us" on shopmuddypearl.com. 

XOXO, The Muddy Pearl Girls