Love Is In The Air

Hi! I wanted to make this post in light of Valentine's Day. It is such a special time to spend with people you love and we want you to feel your very best. Even if your not spending Valentine's Day with a significant other, we challenge you to spread love to any special person in your life. It can be your best friend, your mom, your kids, etc. Most importantly we want you to show some love to yourself! We know the value of feeling comfortable and confident, so treat yourself this Valentine's Day! 

I wanted to give you ideas to make this Valentine's Day incredibly special. If you need a last minute date and/or outfit... keep reading! I've got you covered! These date ideas are unique because they can all be done locally, in the Grove area. You do not have to travel far to have a memorable day or night.

Something Sentimental

If you are really wanting to tug on those heartstrings, a fun idea is to have professional couple photos taken. This will be something that you both can treasure forever and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do something this special. A great local photographer is "Tazmin Sorrels Photography." This would be an amazing gift for your special someone.

Another idea is a dinner date night. Having a nice dinner with just you and your significant other can be a great way to debrief and talk about your goals, relationship, and future. Grove has great options for a special dinner.

Adventure Awaits

If you and your s/o are the adventurous types, I have a few ideas just for you! If you both are not usually down to try new things, these could also be a great way to get out of your comfort zone. A simple way to do this is to be a tourist in your own town. Spend the day together trying restaurants you have never been to, visiting local shops, and seeing the beautiful attractions that Grove has. 

If you want to revisit a restaurant or store you have already been to, there are still ways to make it fun. For example, you and your s/o can each order a desert that you think the other will like. It can be a nice surprise and fun way to learn more about each other. Take your own spin on these ideas, and have fun with it! 

From The Heart

A great way to show your love is to put effort into personalizing your gift and/or date. This can be so simple yet mean so much. An idea is to make dinner together. This is an affordable way to work together and spend time with the person you love. You can also make a homemade bouquet, a jar full of reasons why you love that person, or heart-shaped treats. The list goes on and on of the things you can do together or for someone with a special meaning. The most important thing is to do it with l.o.v.e! 

I hope that this blog post sparked an idea on ways to make this Valentine's Day an unforgettable one. All outfits can be purchased at! Give us feedback on how your special day goes and tag us in post wearing our clothes. We love you all and thank you for reading.

XOXO, The Muddy Pearl