About Us



The Muddy Pearl was established in 2012 from the hard work and vision of a mother and two of her daughters named Carol, Terra, and Abby. In the summer of 2020, Holley Hofschulte was given the opportunity to purchase The Muddy Pearl and begin implementing her own unique styles and fashion perspectives in this small town located in the corner of northeast Oklahoma. The brick and mortar store is located in Grove, Oklahoma, home of popular Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees.




If you've taken the time to read this, THANK YOU! This wouldn't be possible without the support and love from so many family members and friends. Not being from this area, I was nervous to take the leap of jumping into the community head first. But boy am I glad I did. I can't put into the words how thankful for the friends that I have met through this store. Who would have thought I would meet people from all over the WORLD right here in TMP!


My goal for this store is for EVERY single person that walks through the front doors or looking around online finds unique that is perfect for them. Not only that, but to find it at an affordable price. I mean whats better than a good deal, right! I believe that any woman, no matter the age or budget, should feel beautiful and comfortable in the clothes they purchase. 


The Muddy Pearl was created by a family with the mission of providing timeless and stylish clothing for all women. I PROMISE to make that mission mine as well. I hope that each person who comes to shop as a customer, leaves feeling like family.


XOXO, Holley